Whaddon Way Church shows its support for those serving God here in the UK and abroad, primarily through prayer and financial giving to the organisations below, and by developing relationships with individuals and families engaged in mission.  For example, we have links with three partners serving God in Peru with the BMS World Mission: a couple working in the training of new leaders and with local churches, an environmental community worker and a couple currently training before joining the long term programme in Peru.

We have also committed to pray for a Church community in Luuka in Uganda and have recently raised money to dig a well for fresh water to the local villages.

Nearer to home, we support and work alongside the Milton Keynes Bridgebuilder Trust whose schools workers visit primary and secondary schools on a regular basis, taking lessons and assemblies – helping children and young people to consider their beliefs, explore Christianity and make positive life choices.

There is an active Missions group at WWC who meet regularly to promote and pray for this area of the life of the Church. All are welcome to come along. For details of the next meeting, please contact administrator@whaddonway.church

For more information about the work of the missions we support, please click on the following links:

Christians in Sport 





Borehole Mission in Uganda 

We have recently raised money to dig a well for fresh water to the local villages in Luuka in Uganda.

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feba life-giving media






Bridgebuilder Trust




MAF Flying for Life