What is prayer?

Prayer is talking and listening to God. It can happen anywhere or any time. It can be as simple as saying “Thank you”, “Sorry” or “Please” and we believe that God does hear and answer prayer.

How and when do we pray at Whaddon Way?

Prayer is an important part of our shared life together. We seek to encourage this through

  • prayer diaries – where each day of the month we pray for different members of our church family, along with a local community focus, as well as a specific one produced for our young people when they take their exams.
  • an emergency prayer chain – where members of our church family commit to pray for each other at times of crisis.
  • prayer during many of the varied church gatherings – sometimes this has a family or a world focus
  • prayer group – there are times in the week when our doors are specifically open for anyone to call in who may need prayer. At regular times, we gather for an evening of reflective prayer.

If you have a prayer need or you’d like to receive prayer, contact our minister, Steve, or join us on Sunday mornings at 10.30am