We understand that questions of faith are often difficult to ask and that reading and understanding the Bible can be daunting at times.  So often we are faced with situations where we question why we are here and the purpose of our existence.  Christianity offers a way of living that is centred on the example of Jesus and his teaching.  The journey to faith in Jesus can be very fast or it can take time and it is our privilege to help you through this journey by providing teaching and fellowship where your knowledge, understanding and experience of the Lord is allowed to flourish and grow in a non-threatening way.

We provide an opportunity to meet with us and other people to ask questions and get to know our faith by meeting over a 6 week period that looks at what it means to be a Christian and how that plays out through a more fulfilled life, with new priorities and different values.  We look at questions around faith like Who am I? What is God like? Why is there suffering in the world?

Having covered this material you may want to find out more about certain aspects of teaching or faith, alternatively, you may want to become a member of our church, then please speak to Steve or one our leadership team.

Be comforted in the knowledge that we are all on a faith journey and that we experience highs and lows, but through our experience of the Lord, teaching and fellowship with other Christians we continue to grow and deepen our faith in our wonderful and loving Lord Jesus.

Contact us for more information.