Summer reflections

Summer reflections

I wonder what summer has been like for you? It has certainly been interesting in terms of the weather! But what happens in church life when the summer holidays come and this inevitably means that people are coming and going?

At Whaddon Way, we tweaked the format of our Sunday services to try and give our children’s church volunteers a break by holding all-age services during the summer… but, also, we took the opportunity of being a church family in a different way from our family picnics. Below are a couple of photos from one such occasion.

As you can see we shared food &  played games together, as well as just enjoying spending time in each other’s company from the youngest (just a few months) to the oldest (the mid-90s).

Bearing in mind that there has been a lot of talk about loneliness in recent times, we see this gathering as a church family as important.

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